Cooking Off the Beaten Path

With Loki, Kelly & Ally

Powered cooling is a game changer

Every so often, a piece of gear comes along that makes even the most experienced outdoors enthusiast think, “How the heck did I ever survive without it?” For many Dometic enthusiasts, some of whom go far off-grid for days, the Dometic CFX3 has done exactly that. Thanks to its constant powered cooling capabilities, these adventurers are no longer at the mercy of melting ice, leaving them free to hike, climb, and explore as much as they want.

Meet CFX ambassadors Loki, Kelly, and Ally

For adventurers Kelly Lund and Ally Coucke and their dog Loki, traveling outdoors is all about connecting with the natural part of themselves. To do that, they aim to travel as far from home as possible for two or three weekends every month. Through these trips, they’re able to remove themselves from everyday distractions and rediscover the bond we humans and our pets have lost in modern times.

A CFX is a camping essential

Traveling so frequently might seem complicated, but they assure us it’s quite simple. Preparing for these trips is all about knowing what the essentials are and having the right gear. Not surprisingly, having fresh food and a Dometic CFX3 to store it all ranks highly on the list. With it, they can just pack food straight from their home fridge, and they’ll be prepared in case there’s extreme weather or if they just want to extend their getaway.

“Cooking while camping completes the experience.”
Kelly Lund,
Loki’s adventuring companion

Having a CFX3 means having regular meals

Being able to bring fresh food while far from home has revolutionized how Kelly and Ally eat on their trips. Before they had a CFX3, they primarily opted for foods with a long shelf life that were easy to make. This meant sacrificing on nutrition and eating lots of highly processed foods. After getting their CFX3, they were able to start bringing along fresh whole foods like vegetables, and cook healthy, wholesome meals that wouldn’t leave them feeling guilty.

Cooking brings you closer together

The same way roaming with their dogs makes Kelly and Ally feel more in tune with nature, so does making meals outdoors. “Cooking while camping almost completes the experience,” says Ally. The belief that home is where the heart is, and that the hearth is the heart of that home is something they’re conscious of all the time. As they share those meals, they’re aware of the fact that they’re connecting with each other just as much as they are with nature.

Keep your mind on what matters

At the end of the day, Kelly and Ally wanted a lifestyle that allowed them to enjoy their family. They feel that no matter how things change or how stressful they get, so long as they’re alright, everything else will be alright, too. With the CFX3, they’re able to have the extra peace of mind that comes with packing more of what they want and keeping it fresh and focusing on what’s truly important.

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