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Weekend Camping With Kids

Eat well in nature

Making sure your kids eat well at home is hard. Making sure they eat well while you’re out camping is doubly hard. Keeping healthy ingredients like veggies and fresh meat cool and safe can be a challenge. However, with a pinch of prep time, a dash of creativity, and a Dometic CFX, you can have fresh food for camping and be able to cook healthy family meals like you would at home.

The CFX lets you bring more foods your family loves

How many times have you heard your kid say, “Ugh, we’re having [insert food here] again?” Well, if you have a Dometic CFX, you won’t hear it while you’re camping. The consistent, powered cooling capabilities of the Dometic CFX mean that so long as you have a power source around, you can have everything from OJ to blueberries to yogurt to meatballs readily available.

Powered coolers pack more space

In a passive cooler, a whopping 67% of your cooler space is taken up by ice. Not only that, as ice melts, it turns slushy and becomes less effective. At best, your kids’ food could end up soggy and unappetizing. At worst, it could end up spoiling and becoming a safety hazard. In either case, it would probably mean having to take a trip into town to pick up more ice or some takeout—taking your family out of the experience.

The CFX Powered Cooler
Does it Better

  • No Ice Needed

  • Safer Food

  • -7ºF Deep Freeze

  • Flexible Power

No ice needed, no need to worry

With a powered cooler like the Dometic CFX, you don’t have to be concerned about any ice issues. Imagine how many more moments by the campfire you could have with 3 times the amount of food.

The CFX lets you bring frozen treats anywhere

There isn’t a more perfect warm weather treat than ice cream and ice pops. Unfortunately, frozen treats require freezing temperatures, which aren’t easy to come by on a July afternoon. Thankfully, the CFX is capable of deep freezing down to -7ºF, even if it’s 107ºF outside, to help you be the coolest super parent at the campsite. “Remember the time we all had chocolate sundaes in the middle of the desert?” could be your new favorite story.

More time well spent with loved ones

Parents often default to nonperishable canned meals while camping for a reason. But those can be unhealthy. You want to give your kids the best food, but you don’t want to be so preoccupied with it that it keeps you from enjoying your time with them. The CFX lets you have the best of both worlds. You’re able to pack more of what they want, keep it fresh and safe, and not let ice or anything else detract from the moment. Which leaves you with more time to add to your family photo album.